The capital of Precipice and home to Grind, the deity of time and order. The city is made out of colored stone reinforced with steel, and is slightly focused towards metalwork and factory jobs, although there are still a variety of other jobs to go around. Housing here is mostly group homes- roommates will usually take a bit of time after work to pitch in with cleaning up and maintaining the home, sometimes in place of paying rent.

The Menagerie

The Menagerie is a science center so large it is a small city in and of itself. It is the number one go-to place for body modding, as well as any other kind of surgery or medical procedure. The facility contains numerous other research facilities as well, covering a wide variety of sciences. Those who live in the Menagerie are usually some kind of scientist or security guard, although there are a handful of other jobs available. Housing usually takes the form of clean and orderly dormitories or apartments.



Fortune is an upbeat and fun town full of clubs, theaters, and shopping centers. At night it is lit by a whole host of multicolored neon lights placed on the side of nearly every building. Wretch lives here, and often hosts parties on the weekends that more often than not end up getting a little out of hand, not that anyone minds that much. Most people here work as merchants or entertainers, in addition to the normal selection of jobs. Houses here are suburb-like in nature, forming dense clusters of single-occupant homes. Apartments are also available, but less common.

The Circus

The Circus is a run-down looking city run by the Carnivale, a circus themed mafia group known for their theatric displays and punishments for those who cross them. If you fuck with these guys, expect to die horribly and visibly. Entertainment here is often in the form of live shows or plays, as opposed to Fortune, and there is always a play scheduled for next week or so. Homes are similar to those in Fortune, predominantly single-occupant suburb-style homes with apartments filling in the gaps, although there are more apartments here than in Fortune.


Main District

The central district of Luxson, the Main District, is a large, bustling place near the coast. It is a peaceful city most of the time. Crime does happen fairly often, but it’s also stopped fairly quickly. In the center of all this lies a large marketplace full of artisans selling all sorts of different odds and ends. The marketplace is both indoors and outdoors, with more common or quickly produced goods being sold outside, and more expensive stuff inside. People here more often than not have a craft of some sort that they sell, but it’s usually on the side in addition to their normal job.

Luxury District

Luxson’s Luxury District is home to some of the larger houses in Morbit, either for the very rich or for large groups of people working together to cover the rent. The city is built on multiple tiers, with almost netlike boardwalks stretching across and down the cliffside. At the bottom of the cliff is a beach, containing the more expensive homes, as well as most of the businesses and the docks.

TCP Plane

The TCP plane is an endless forest, with one big city in the center. There is very little organization, as most of the time TCPs get bored of doing one job for a long time. Everyone helps each other out, but no one is required to stick to one specific task. Buildings are designed to be multipurpose, and any one building can be used for nearly anything, be it a home, a business, or just a place to hang out. The only thing that remains constant in this ever-changing city is an old-looking cottage overlooking it all, home to the plane’s original founders.

Every TCP Plane player may create a singular base in the city or forest. Like typical TCP sessions, these can include buildings and natural structures, such as rivers, lakes, and trees. The size of these bases is limited to the size of a large housing lot (think mansion size, to allow for most housing/terraforming), though there’s no limit to height.

PUBLIC AREAS (not location locked)

Records Room

An old-looking vault where information on certain citizens are stored. Strangely, the room only keeps information on a handful of people and even a few TCPs and gods, with seemingly no relationship to one another. Some say that the room almost seems like a place for higher beings to keep track of certain people.

The Bench

No matter where you go in Morbit, there’s always a bench or two waiting for travellers and residents to take a seat and rest for a while. People can meet at any bench in Morbit, relax and have a conversation together.

(This channel is for casual conversations between any characters, regardless of location. Whether these interactions are canon, when they occur and why are completely up to the players involved.)

The Couch

Now while benches are fine and all, sometimes you need to have a more private talk. Discussing things that you don’t want other people to hear requires a bit more seclusion, and there’s no better place for that than a comfy couch.

(This channel, to contrast with the bench, is for conversations that require a bit more privacy. No character can burst in on characters having a conversation on the couch, unless previously planned. Whether these interactions are canon, when they occur and why are completely up to the players involved.)

Public Broadcasting

A lone tower pierces the horizon overlooking Hearth. From here, a dedicated team of news agents and reporters broadcasts the latest scoop straight into everyone’s ears. With plenty of different shows to listen to, there’s always something going on!

OOC Chat

The words ‘Out of character chat’ are scrawled in black crayon on the side of an old, broken-down building. Anyone who steps into the building immediately enters an altered state of consciousness and begins talking in an indecipherable language. No one can ever remember what it was they had said upon leaving, but outside listeners have heard entire conversations occur here between many people at once.